What do I need to prepare for my dog trip?

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For a person with a loving pet, if you want to travel abroad, but pity the pet, it is afraid that leaving him to watch the house will make him lonely. So many people decide to carry a fluffy four-legged dog or cat on a trip. For the safety of both the breeder and the dog. Today, ireceiptz will  take you through the steps and things to know before you leave.

1. Health check-up before traveling

Before departure, take a tour. The dog goes for a check-up with a veterinarian as it will help us know if they are ready or healthy enough to travel. If the dog is sick, it is better to rest or leave it at the animal hospital. In addition to the dog suffering from the journey, it is also a good place to go. Some may also have drunk driving symptoms, which can lead to even worse illnesses.

It is best to seek advice from a veterinarian or seek an anti-drunkness medication, as this type of drug will make the dog drowsy. Medication should be given 30 minutes before boarding before boarding. Pregnant dogs should not be eaten. It is not a good time to eat before departure, but leave at least 2 hours before boarding the car, because if the dog is drunk, it will vomit all out.

Prepare space in cars

2. Prepare space in cars

The back seat is the perfect position to wear a collar and tie a leash to the side handle of the door so that the dog is attached to the place or with a seatbelt for the dog, as the dog likes to run around climbing and climbing. If it is small, put it in a cage to prevent disturbances in front of the driver as this may be distracting and accidental. Let’s find a cloth to cover the upholstery. Prevents dogs from slipping in case of sudden brakes and prevents dog hair loss that can get dirty. It will also make it easier to ease the cleaning force.

3. Prepare collar and leash

Collars and leashes are important equipment for dog breeders. When taking a dog out of the house or traveling, the breeder should include the name, phone number in the dog’s collar. When there’s a fallout, The owner will be more comfortable with the owner. Every time you stop by the side of the road, let the dog out for a walk. Don’t forget to wear a leash to prevent dogs from running away.

4. Garments

If you have plans to take a small or short-haired dog to a cold place, you’ll want to take a dog with a short hair breed. Don’t forget to bring your clothes on your hands. It is easy to notice if the dog is shaking, the ears are cold. Choose clothes that are thicker than usual and have cold resistance, or a shirt that can cover from the tail to the throat to warm the dog.

5. Drinking water, food

The breeder should prepare water and food, calculating the amount of food sufficient for each trip. It is recommended to choose a bowl of water and portable food that can be easily eaten on the go. If you take it to a cool place, take a sip of water frequently to prevent dehydration from dry air.

6. Plastic bag for garbage collection and tissue paper

They must always be carried with them when they are taking their dogs out in public places: plastic bags, paper bags and tissues to clean up their excretion. We should be socially responsible. Do not cause harm to others. It also helps to prevent contagious diseases through the stool. Don’t publish other dogs.